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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
It's too bad to punish the (all time) greats of the sport just because they have been relegated to the status of "steroid poster boy / everything that is wrong with the sport" in the minds of the public. But at the same time, give a free pass to all the other steroid boys...just because they weren't quite as good as these guys.
I understand your point; however I canít seem to see any injustice or feel sorry for these guys. After all they are guilty. That puts all of their achievements in questions. Could they have been all time greats without PED or it just meant that PED worked better for them comparing to others.
As for other lesser steroid boys, there are a lot going on behind the scene that we do not know. May be there are other silent bans. Maybe they were given warnings and stopped while the likes of Clemens and Bonds didnít. Who knows?
Weíd like to arrest all the drunk drivers too, but we canít. I sure donít feel sorry for the few that are caught and punished since it deters many others from doing the same.
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