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Originally Posted by MasturB View Post
First and foremost, I'm a self taught player that has spent the last 5 years hitting and playing singles. I play doubles occasionally and I MEAN occasionally.

I started playing more pickup doubles recently, and I noticed my brain and muscle memory is wired to hit the ball in the singles court. At the net when I have the entire doubles lane open, my brain for some reason aims for the singles alley line. Returning balls are becoming an issue too, because I'm frequently hitting singles returns too close for a poacher to capitalize on, leaving a huge part of the court wide open.

Any way to fix this (other than the obvious of playing more doubles)? I don't want to screw up my timing and conditioning with singles as I have a tourney coming up soon and last thing I need is brain wiring malfunctions.
Tennis is tennis, you are not going to screw up your timing playing doubles. Maybe if you went out and played squash or racquetball it might mess you up, but not more tennis!

IF anything playing some dubs will help your singles game in the long run because if improves your net game and forcing you to be precise on serve returns. It also helps with angles. I had a similar background to you where I only played singles for the first 5 years and pretty much self taught. First time I started playing dubs against decent players I was a fish out of water, but eventually I came to like it and it is mostly what I play now.
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