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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
yeah he is on a mission, funny I do not want that mission for him, he is gifted in school and will get an academic scholarship like his cousins, I never even read to the kid at all, he never spoke until he was 5. he is the type of kid that studies for 1/2 hour and aces everything like my niece whom I taught. life is always the opposite. You try hard and want the best for your kids but in the end your plans may not be what you set them out to be.

if she wants to be there and your wife is ok with it and somehow you can keep the house and get a job there while your wife works, then go for it and take a chance and see what happens. You are three hours away and can always go home every other weekend. But you need $3000 a month plus expenses, I wish I can give it to you, I really do. But somehow some sacrifices are needed. Take out a loan on the house for 30K and see what happens. Aren't there some rich relative you can persuade to try on this project. Worst case you lose the 30K, heck we all have bought 30K cars that lost all value in 5 years. I have a rich brother whom you met that is going to finance my project. He said even if it fails he is willing to do it because it will be off our backs and we will never say what if's. TCf has some $ on the side for the fitness center he sold, he is going to tap into that for sure. And when it is all gone either he has a champion or not. We will see. But for sure it is going to one hell of ride which he is going to enjoy every minute. If his plan fails he will have a business for his daughter to run for sure and that is the best plan IMO.

I don't know about taking out a loan and all of that, but there's got to be a way to make it work with the academy and GA Tennis' daughter that is affordable.

I would think there is something that can be worked out between GA Tennis and the head coach because GA Tennis has a lot to bargain with also being a tennis coach and being a certified teacher.

Perhaps the academy would hire him as a coach and this could offset his daughter's tuition or perhaps they could work something out with GA Tennis running and designing a homeschool program for the academy (assuming they don't already have one) given his teaching background...and that too should be able to offset his daughter's tuition.

I just don't see how any academy would turn down a dedicated student and a dedicated dad who has a lot to offer them.
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