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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Sorry for the late response.

Ice is a traditional feeling poly. Nice and crisp and firm feeling, it offers lots of bite and control. I like it because it encourages me to stay aggressive when moving inside the court. I can trust that I will get the bite and spin on the ball needed to keep it within the lines on a fast swing.

If you have ever hit Kirschbaum Super Smash or Gosen Polylon in the honey color (recently reviewed), you'll know what to expect.

Hope that helps.

Chris, TW
No problem and thanks so much Chris! I'm definitely gonna order some now.

Yeah db10s I've been reading your feedback on the strings and it's only reassuring for me since I'll probably buy a 17g reel when TW stocks up.

Yeah Steve, the 17g reel is pictured in the Dunlop strings, but I found the page for it. It's currently out of stock but they have a shipment coming in a week!
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