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Originally Posted by Sumo View Post

Comparing what these guys do with HSers is ridiculous. Runners keep improving into their 30's. I wouldn't be surprised it a guy like Ferrer was easily in the 16's.
Long distance runners can keep improving into their 30s. ATP players are not training for long distance running. So they don't fall into this category. I am sure there are maybe handful of guys that could run in the 16s with no training. There would be a lot more if they actually trained for the event. You really think someone like Isner or Delpo could even break 18 minutes? But I am sure there would be a lot more guys who could bench 250 if they started training for that as well.

Comparing them to high school runners is not ridiculous. Should you compare them to adult long distance runners? IF you lined up the top 100 high school distance runners to run a 5k against the top 100 ATP players, the best tennis player would finish in 101st place.
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