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Reminds me of Malavi Washington. He went to Michigan for 2 years. I remember his father saying he wanted Malavi at a very good tennis school but not a very top program. Thought it was more important to play #1 for development to the pros and have to play the best college players, as opposed to going to Stanford or USC and starting as a #4, 5 or 6 and not always getting the toughest matches.

Todd Martin was similar at Northwestern where he play #1 for two years then went pro. Todd, as opposed to Malavi, I don't believe he went to college with the sole intention of developing for professional tennis. Martin if I recall was only around #18 or so USTA ranking out of H.S. He was a late bloomer and college worked for him.
did it work for him or did he realize it wasnt gonna work and he hightailed it out of their as did Blake ??
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