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I have been told by head that their warranty is for manufacturer defects and workmanship, and how the racket is strung does not change or void the warranty. If a stringer damages a racket by stinging it wrong that is the stringer's fault and the stringer should replace it. If there is a manufacturer defect the manufacturer should replace it.

If a customer thinks all Head rackets should be strung 1 piece or the warranty is voided and it could damage the frame then that customer expects the racket to be strung A certain way. If you string their racket 1 piece and it cracks the first time they use it what do you think will happen?

Rule # 1 - If you are not specifically told hold how to string a racket follow the manufacturer's recommendation if it is not your racket.

I used to play with Head PT280s and strung them 1 piece all the time, but those were my rackets. I also don't think bottom up isn't a problem and can't understand why some people (and manufacturers) think it is.
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