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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Ok so you have come up with how many who have gone to college and "done well" over a 40 yr span ? you are showing me 6 I will ad Isner so that is 7 over 40 yrs, n
Now do me a favor factor in how many tennis schools in the D1 arena per year times 40 , I believe its 6 to 8 per team , you can do the math on this for me I dont add well ,

My question if the no.s are what i am seeing then the route of college is a death blow for anyone "wanting" to go pro , but I am open for stats that contridict these that i am seeing ?
"Nine of his Stanford players, including John McEnroe, Gene Mayer, Alex Mayer, Roscoe Tanner and Tim Mayotte, have gone on to be ranked among the top 15 in ATP world singles rankings", college works for some, I will work on more schools see if the list gets bigger.
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