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Originally Posted by Bash and Crash View Post
"Nine of his Stanford players, including John McEnroe, Gene Mayer, Alex Mayer, Roscoe Tanner and Tim Mayotte, have gone on to be ranked among the top 15 in ATP world singles rankings", college works for some, I will work on more schools see if the list gets bigger.
I know there's already a list out there. Just have to find it. There's a lot of examples college players who went on to top 200, 100, etc. Careers. We forget about guys like Mike Russell UofMiami, Don Johnson UNC, Michael Yani Duke, Dom Inglot Illini. There's a bunch more.

The clear fact is many more don't go pro or don't make it trying. Same goes for going pro as a junior and bypassing college. We all know the safe choice, blah, blah blah. This is another popular circular argument.

Brad. I realize its a ways off, but if its decided DB go the college route. I'd look for a place he could play #1 without a doubt as a freshman. That way he get the toughest matches every time out. Just a thought. Know you don't want to go there. Just sayin'.
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