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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
My question is if MLB didn't punish them, and they weren't punished under criminal law, where in the wild blue f*** do the people that write about them in newspapers get off thinking it is their right to punish them?

MLB has hundreds of positive steroid tests on players in the 2000s and they don't tell anyone about them, and they inflict no punishment on the players. (Just like A-Rod who's positive test was leaked by congress)

They became the poster boys of the steroid era. The press hates Bonds because he wasnt the nicest guy to deal with and they will never let that go. Its all a show to try and make an example out of certain guys but its honestly a big black eye on the MLB not the players.

I just dont see how you can keep the most dominant hitter of his era out of the hall.
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