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Default Klippermate new stringer

Half strung it made it thru the night and finished this AM.

But ok, ok I get it - start a job and finish it in at least a couple hours. Will be hard since I am a bit scattered and disorganized. Walk in a room and forget why.

Crosses a bit of a PIA and got a few wrong and had to redo.
Don't expect this string job to last that long. Had two of these - at least 3-5 years old - and had a pro string it at about 62 and the first time, the new strings sliced right thru the racquet.

I did this one at 62, 'cuz thought I would lose some tension as a beginner.
The wide string patterns were a real issue - seems the Klippermate clamps are a bit small for such a racquet - or I was doing it wrong.

Anyway done and will hit on the wall with it today.

Here is a pic of the Klippermate cam tightener where I think it kinks a bit - I think I am using it correctly.
Also a pic of the finished racquet.
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