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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
Klippermate instructions from
Racquet Name - Ti S6 OS XL
Tension - 57 - 66
Length - 20'M - 18'C
Pattern - 16M X 19C
Skip M Holes - 7,9T - 8B
Tie Off M - 8T
Start C - 7T
Tie Off C - 5T - 7B instructions from
Head Ti.S6

Head size - 740 cm²
String pattern - 16x19

Main string holes - H: 1-7,9 T: 1-7,10
Tie-off holes - 5H, 7T
Start crosses - 8H
Method - one piece
Lengths - 3.40 m (11'2") / 11.70 m (38'5")

My money is on the Klippermate pattern being correct (TW agrees with me fwiw as they have "Mains skip: 8T,7H,9H" which doesn't seem to jive with the stringforum instructions).
I always use Klipper for string patterns, it is simple and to the point wit top and bottom labels.
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