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Also let me drop some knowledge on you dudes.

If for some reason your back kinds hurts out of nowhere and you pee looksl like yuengling lager. Dont worry about holding for the first of the year so you dont have to pay 2 insurance deductables just go to the dang doctor.

Mu issues in begining of december. Doc gave some vicodins and kuscle relaxers and said if the urine was still dark in a few days to see a urologists. I figured I could tough it out till the new year as I hadnt been to the doc yet in 2012 and didnt want to waste my health savings account by splitting office vists between years. Was felling pretty crappy all through Xmas while still peeing lager.

Had to work newyears eve, I had every intention of going to patient first on new years becuase I knew i had some issue with my kidney or somehting (i mean i was peeing Lager for three weeks). Worked no problem, ate lunch (leftover turkey Breast and stuffing) no problem. About 1430 i went into bathroom and puked my guts out. Then this crazy pain came, more painful than any pain of all times. Called my boss told him i had to go to hospital, locked up and everything. Drove home (puked on the way). Called ambulance made it ER where they put me in whell chair and made me wait in the waiting room for an hour. Another hour later I finally gotr some pain medicine. about 4 AM they admitted into hospital. 8 days leater Im out. I had Gullstones thatwere blocking bile ducts and not letting anythign work. I had severe pancreatitis that had me in the hospital for 8 freaking days. Still waiting for lipase levels to drop lowenough so the can remove my gallbladder.

So if your pee looks like lager for more than a day go see the doc.
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