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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
I always thought it was ok to go for your shots or even more than usual when rallying. With most of the better players they say "nice shot," but the ones that get weird seem to be mostly those who can hit a hard shot now and then but cannot stay consistent or place it well. I think I might have to just tell them ahead of time as you suggested.
It matters who you hit with. Honestly a lot of drilling with balls that are hit pretty clean and hard, but up the middle will greatly assist you in matches. the longer you can rally, the more your mind settles down in "live fire", and your fitness level goes up a lot as well.

If I am meeting with somebody to hit, my preference would be to have long rallies if possible. From there we could play points or practice sets if need be.

I can about guarantee if you have a lot of long rallies, you will find hitting those angle you want to hit a lot easier because your stroke will be grooved.
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