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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
1. Testing showed increased spin from increased main snap back at even moderate speeds (or no racket head speed at all, so long as the ball is coming it at a non-perpedicular angle to the stringbed).

2. There maybe some polys out there that go "dead" in 1 and half week, but there are many that last a long time without going dead. I have a racket with a year old SP Hyperion string job and it still hits just fine.
You don't read.

1. He is 10. The amount of extra spin he will be generating on his strokes compared to what he would make with a multi is going to have a minimal effect at best, and definitely not one that will trouble opponents. He's not hitting with a lot of spin as it is since he's not breaking strings. If you don't hit with good RHS, you have no real reason to use poly aside from durability.

2. A week and a half for this player is 9 hours. He said he plays 6 hours a week or so. I urge you to find me a poly that isn't dead after ~10hrs of hitting. It just doesn't last that long when you're really hitting the ball. If you aren't hitting very hard and the string lasts much longer, then again: why on earth are you using poly?
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