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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
The only way the string would slice through the frame is if a) the grommet failed, or b) the stringer neglected to hold the grommet in place while pulling the 5th or 6th main allowing the string to come in contact with the frame.
If b), it was stringer error and he/she should've owned up and offered to replace.

It is important to watch for this while stringing as it is quite common.
Oops.... I didn't watch for anything or hold the grommet in place.
So much to learn and the problem is the next time I string a racquet will be like doing it the first time again. Remember the movie "Fifty first dates"????
Oh well, will just use the cheapest strings I can find for a while.

I don't mind breaking strings, but next time will be my good - well, better - racquet(s) and don't really want to break them.

I've read as much as I can absorb about stringing. Never saw "hold the grommet in place".
Did learn a lot and some little helpful tricks however and it was actually quite interesting.

I think maybe since I missed a few over/unders doing the crosses - and had to do over - that I might get two different color strings for the main and cross next time - not a hybrid, just two colors.

I really appreciate all the help on this forum. Been a real pleasure.

Thanks to all,

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