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Originally Posted by richsox View Post
Hi Daniel, I look for this thread every time I pop into the forum....thnak you! For the record, I am an aredent Babolat user since getting serious about tennis (Pure Drive users for 10 years-just bought the 2013 APD though-Love it, and always use VS Touch @ 57lbs.)

My question: is it true that the Pro's have their racquets made (possibly to their specifications) in Lyon, as opposed to us mere mortals that get the "Built to spec in China" racquets in the retail shops?

Viva La Babolat!

PS My all time favourite is still the PD Team! (Bab should re-launch it as a classic!)
I loved the PD team. Played with it for years. I also recently switched to the 2013 APD.

The pros racquets are customized versions of the consumer frames (some more than others). We have a team that adjusts swing weight, balance, etc. but they are built off the same frames you buy in a shop. Some pros constantly tinker with customization while others have the same specs for the entire season.
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