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Originally Posted by mirceam View Post
i want to try natural gut on one of my racquets. what tension do you recommend?

now i use:

Luxilion Alu Power strung @ 48/46 lbs on my Yonex Vcore Xi 98
Dunlop Black Widow strung @ 48/46 lbs on my Yonex Vcore 98D

the Black Widow has more than 39 hrs and i didn't break it. I hit hard but more flat . I'm not a string breaker
Have you used nylon? If yes, what tension?

Assuming you are using 10% lower on poly compared to nylon, I'd say go 15-20% higher.

In my case, I needed 20 hours of (match) playing time in order to get used to playing characteristic of natural gut before I get fully confident with it.

Then I had couple of zoning experiences with it. Pure nirvana it was.
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