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I used the 300 (modded) for all of last year. I demo'd the PSGT Tour and the PSGT last spring and decided to switch to the PSGT once the 2009 pattern dropped in price which finally happened on Black Friday (woohoo!).

While the PSGT Tour and 300 are very different they do have similarities, especially if you add some weight to the 300.

PSGT Tour: a little stiffer, less maneuverable, but more power from its mass. More control too.

300: very soft, more maneuverable, any power comes from the larger stringbed. Less control.

Ultimately I switched to the PSGT from the 300 because I wanted more control which I just wasn't getting with the 300. We're talking real precision here. The 300 is great but I (sometimes foolishly) like to paint the lines and thread needles when playing. I go for placement and spin over power unless I get a really easy shot. Friends joke about my slices that bounce sideways and ability to hit shots just enough out of reach to leave them chasing ghosts.

On serve my bad knee and bad ankle mean I can't generate massive power with a full leg push. Instead, I go for placement and consistency. I get that with the PSGT while the 300 was not quite accurate enough to hit the corners repeatedly.

As for the PSGT Tour vs PSGT, the tour version can be unwieldy for some while the PSGT is like a Tour without extra weight in the handle. Add a heavy replacement grip to a PSGT and just a little lead to the hoop and, voila, you have a virtual PSGT Tour but with the added advantage of having enough room to tweak to your perfect balance, weight, and SW. With the Tour you're basically stuck with a PSGT with a heavy handle and no room to shift weight around.
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