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I think BB said they are going exclusively futures now. They have been on this path so long, why not? The player is 6'5", will be 17 soon, been training for 11-12 years, other guys his age are already playing some level of pros.

Seriously, seems to me when the mind set has been so firm for so long its time to cut the cord and hit the pros. See what happens. Once he starts competing solely vs others trying to make it, his game could skyrocket.
We like the cycle of players he is in and we will watch and see if he makes huge jumps over this next year which we will train for and expect to happen , by the end of this year he should have filled out with some more size "weight" and then see over the next year what he does , we will be making adjustments along the way as he plays more futures and in 4 to 5 years will see where he is at .
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