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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
One of my earlier coaches taught me to step out always with the outside foot. So on a fh always the right foot first. Then its either shuffle or cross over step depending on the distance needed to end up hitting open stance. I found I can cover the whole right side within 3 steps this way. Is this still the current thinking?
I do this on both sides of the court.

His thinking was 1 big step with the outside foot and your halfway to the singles line. Another 2 and your beyond the doubles alley.
Good point and I was researching the same. Let us go to Oscar directly and learn from him. For the case of the cross over, Oscar believes in starting the body lean first, and let the inside leg come over naturally. I read it as NOT doing the step out with the outside foot first for a crossover step.

From the page, it is not clear what is required for a shuffle step according to him.
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