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Good post Kiki. Newcombe was some player under pressure. Don't know if I would bet my money on Newcombe even on grass against the Borg of 1978 and 1979 but I'm sure Borg would fear Newcombe at his peak. On a grass court when Newcombe was in shape he could beat any player in history.

And everything you wrote here about Kodes is true. He wasn't the most talented but I think he still was very talented. He really was a top player who was fun to watch.
Whatīs talent? Kodes knew how to take advantage of his ability and that is talent.He had great courage, he gained respect of all of his peers and had he played in a weaker era, his major wins would have probably doubled.

All in all, he honoured one of the funniest eras ever played, and he has gotten the right to be talked about in the same sentence as those great players that represented the great tennis era of the early to middle 70īs.

Newcombe-Borg is, IMo, the best match that could have been played on a Wimbledon final during that decade, provided both players were at their peak.Newcombe dominated the first half and Borg the second with Connors fitting in in 1974 and 1975.Of course, Borg lost to guys named Ashe and Amritraj and Connors bowed to Ashe and Tanner.Newcombe himself was beaten at Forest Hills by Kodes and Rosewall but I think both were the most dominat grass court players of the 70īs.Laver was at their level for a given match, but his record was clearly below them, at least from 1970 to 1979.
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