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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Interesting, PP. I can see where hitting hard and clean in long rallies would be great practice to mix in with hitting targets. I'm pretty calm about long rallies and try to set up the point, but I usually try to jam them up & get weak replies or errors. It seems a lot of players try to attack off a topspin rally ball in the center... do you practice this more with someone who has first agreed to it?
No you just can feel it out with who you are hitting with. I just try and warm up by sending balls down the middle anyway. I keep them deep and get up to a standard match rally ball so I can work on the heaviness & consistency of it.

So if I was sending you pretty heavy top down the middle, but not trying to hit you off the court or move you around, would you do the same for me? That is the way to think about it. I also say sorry if I am late and hit a winner off that by accident.

I just feel out whoever I hit with, but I do prefer a guy who can hold a 20 plus ball rally. It really develops my fitness and just fine tunes my consistency.

Another way to think about it is I work on strike zones. the best hitting partners hit to you but don't always put it right in your zone. so you are seeing a lot of high balls that you would see in a match from a better player. It is tiring to hit shoulder high balls 30 straight times, but it will make you a better player.
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