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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
lol, wut ? fact is you are near clueless about tennis and only keep on boosting up your fav, laver, kodes and hingis ...

I never ever said henman was better than kodes .... show one post where I said or implied that ..

I only said henman > taylor ( and by some distance ) , i,e. the toughest opponent hewitt faced in wimbledon 2002 was by some distance better than the toughest opponent kodes faced in wimbledon 1973 ......

and the field was a full one in 2002 compared to the one in 73 ....

roddick has just as much champion/fighting mentality as kodes, if not more ... and is a superior player on any surface bar clay ... overall a superior player, deal with it ...
yes, that is why Roddick´s record at Wimbledon is just as great as Stolle´s...ohˇ wait, you enhance him so to boost your crush federer.I got you, liar.
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