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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Something though does not make sense to me. GA has helped spread the word about the academy. He has a long term plan for his daughter who he describes as super athletic, and building a game to have a chance at the very top of tennis.

She is now 11 I think GA said. On the cusp of the age where she would start winning big things and shining even more light on the academy, in addition to what GA already does.

Why wouldn't the man who runs this academy give him 2-3 years of a low cost ride? If what GA sees is accurate, in 2-3 years she will be winning OB 16s, Herr's, ITFs and bringing tons of attention to the coach.

How many other students could he possible have with that promise, in addition to a dad who played high level tennis himself, who have worked hard to promote how great the academy is?

Seems to me the proper business decision would be do whatever it takes to foster GA and his girl. Every academy has a few kids they support, who would be more deserving than the talented kid of one of your biggest supporters?
if it were a big academy then maybe, but this academy is small 6-7 tops players. it was designed to be small, it is a very tight nit group. I would do the dishes, sweep the floors and string for everyone just to be part of that group I am sure GA would do the same. It is an elite group and the person running it is elite. They are doing things far and above anyone and everything that I have seen. The two i saw are by far the best 10 year old girls I have ever seen, and I have been around. The can kick my ten year old sons butt 0 and 0. Because it is small, the bills have to be paid and everyone has to commit their share.
I teach in our club and my kids can do all the clinics and all the court time for free. I try to form groups but it seems every top level player are doing things on their own. We have four top 10 sectional players that live within a mile of each other, yet all four travel almost an hour in separate direction to work with what they think as the holly grail of development. It is a shame and really sad, it is mainly the parents faults. It is cultural as well. In france, argentina for example these kids would be playing together and all four would be champions.

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