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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
If I gave you a racket like a stock n90 which is headlight and has most of it's weight centered lower on the frame, then gave you a custom weighted racket that had a majority of the weight at 12, some at 9+3 for stability, and some under the buttcap (so the racket won't feel like it'll fly out of your hand), and you had the technique to easily swing and accelerate both rackets through the ball, you would find the custom racket with weight at 12 would feel like it has more response on the ball and more whip THROUGH the contact. (of course, both rackets will be of equal static weight, and can even be of equal balance if you prefer, but you'll notice one feels significantly head heavier than the other)

The thing with headlight rackets, that although they're easier to maneuver around (like on volleys), they don't really go through the ball as well unless they have some serious mass to the racket. The easiest way to cut down on static weight while alleviating this issue is simply to put the mass at 12 so the racket tip has more inertia through contact. You'll basically notice once you get the racket going, it basically does all the work for you. Whereas if I got any light+headlight racket (which there are plenty of), I can "whip" it all I want, but I'm basically doing all the work, so I have to put more effort into it myself in order to generate the same type of ball which basically is no longer a "whip" and more of an aggravated slap.

On another note, isn't it common knowledge by now that Federer's sticks from Wilson are handpicked for better quality control? It could be a rumor but it's the most sensible statement if he's using a stock racket from Wilson of all companies... And often the most simply reasoning is how it really is... At least in the world of Sherlock Holmes...

I know that more weight in the head will have better plow through, but to me you are getting whip and plow through mixed up. By whip I take that as being easy to get fast RHS and whip the racket quickly.

You say that if you had the technique to easily swing either racket you would get more whip through with the heavier racket. Which may be true but thats just it I would not be able to get the heavier one going as easy or as I think of it whip easily, especially when rushed playing points.

When I have tried more HH balance it definitely plows through the ball more and gives more power to the ball, but is also much tougher to whip quickly. To me these are 2 different subjects.
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