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Originally Posted by RD 7 View Post
This is a good point Corners. I'm above my pay-grade here, but what about comparing the medium tension /fast swing tension loss of Revenge (19.2 lbs) to ZXM (24 lbs). Polys lose a ton of tension, but remain stiff in the lab. I'm not sure what the implications of this are. What struck me when stringing it was the elongation. For me this thing stretched as much as Gamma Professional - way more than most polys I've strung (save perhaps TBHB7). I'm intrigued by MZX.
I tested an earlier prototype of ZX on the string basher down in Vista, CA (on the first version of the TW professor's machine). When pulled to 28KG it elongated 44 mm as compared to your average stiff poly 4-to-6 mm. Crazy. The elongation is closer to that found with a soft multi. But yes, nothing quite matches natty gut's low stiffness at higher tensions. I must say, as regards ZX, the stiffness value didn't change as much as you'd think over the course of the test. Despite how soft ZX tested in the lab and how comparable the installed stiffness may or may not be to N.G., the difference in feel and feedback between it and N.G. (both tactile and auditory) suggests that stiffness is not the whole story. Responses on the playtests I've conducted have been all over the board. Some people think it's remarkably soft and powerful, others not so much. The whole experience has left me wanting the professor to build a perception machine in the lab so we can figure out why their is so little agreement about this string.

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