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LOL, so Donald now gets credit for being able to keep the ball in play. How Low can stupe down to ? He was tauted as the most gifted player to come out of USA since JP McEnroe.
And, we'll NEVER stop driving that point home. He was a highly touted junior player surely, but the view was far from universal. Many people noted the lack of size and a big weapon early on and questioned if those touting him as the next great American player were off base. Yet, TWers like to throw around that everyone thought DY would be the greatest, making his inability to meet expectations a bigger deal than it actually is. Not everyone thought he was destined to be a champion.

I just don't get it. Certainly, many top prospects from the U.S. or other countries have not panned out. It happens. Regularly. Yet, we still have a DY thread even though he's ranked in the 180s?
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