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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
kiki, I must correct you: Rosewall's record on clay in the 1970s was still great. For instance he won the 1970 Cincinnati tournament where most top players of the French Open participated. In 1971 he won Washington. In 1972 he lost to Laver in the Houston final and won Charlotte. In 1973 he won Houston and Charlotte plus won Tokyo against your darling Newcombe. In 1974 he lost the final of Tokyo to Newk. In 1975 he won Houston and Gstaad. In the latter event Vilas participated. In 1976 he reached the Houston final and beat Solomon at Charlotte 6-2,6-1. As late as 1978 (at 43 plus) he won a set against Dibbs (No.4 cc player) by 6-0. Please reflect once more about old Rosewall as cc player!
He fared not well enough at clay court majors.Not that he didnīt win a prestigious WCT event like Houston or North Conway.

My " darling" Newcombe beat Rosewall i one sided matches at the 1971 Wimbleodn semi and 1973 US semi.Please, reflect on Newcombe a bit more.
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