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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
I don't want to take anything away from your discovery. I think you really know tennis (you play and coach and not just couch comment).

I just like to point oout that a lot of the things we like to sell as modern have been there for quite some time. this doesn't mean there is no progress but it is not a radical revolution more of a slow evolution of stuff.

regarding the german. the word "grundlinienienzielflächen" means "baseline targets" while "niemandsland" means "no mans land".

Is the "2" (left pic) and "B" (right pic") what you consider the smart targets?
Thanks, and I have a good appreciation for your contributions and tact.
Excellent posts above of course and thanks for the translation.

But No, those are all different in significant ways imo.
Interestingly those are the one my teammate and world renowned Sr player
Hugh Thompson had used over the years. I wonder if that was his source?
Anyway, after developing mine, I discussed them with him and he liked that
my system was more straight forward and provided better margins from the
BL and sidelines, than the one he had been using above.

I do realize little is new in this world, but imo, rediscovering
things not currently common is important as well!
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