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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
the target and the landing pattern are 2 different things..

if you aim for deep targets, only balls hit on the sweet spot will land there... balls made contact anywhere else on the string bed will land short.

so to take a landing pattern chart of pro match and say ha - joker aims short, is wrong..... he aims deeper, but most balls land shorter
I get your thinking here, but if it were that simple...they would never miss long.
Misses long was one of the biggest motivators in working this out.
I also think mis hits fly in many ways...not just short. Much different than
golf where most shots are max range for the club.

Either way, you seem to think the charts were used to locate the targets.
They were not. I designed the targets based on charting result based on how
points were ended and noticed some trends in the process. Some talented
posters came up with the diagrams and overlays you see in the thread.
I had been using my cones and hula hoops for a yr or two before even starting
that thread or using any of those diagrams.
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