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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
Kal, I'm eyeing the Gold 99 as a zippier, more forgiving potential alternative to my 200 Tours, but the Plantinum could also be a contender. I play mostly on European clay with a SW forehand and 1 HBH, so I figured the spin friendlliness open patterned Gold should be preferable for me. However, although TW Chris and Spencer give very favorable reviews of the Gold, on this board I think the Platinum is more popular. I'm still working to improve my consistency from the baseline on clay coming from the s&v game I developed on the grass courts of Oz where I pounced on every opportunity to take the net (I'm 6'5...).

What would your recommendation be?
if you can handle the extra weight i would give the platinum look. you will get a little extra free power with the golds, but i like the benefit of more control. Power is a nice bonus, but you will win a lot of matches putting a few more quality shots in the court each point. aside from the extra power, i enjoyed the platinum 99 better in every aspect. In the 99 specs, I actually preferred the silver 99 with some tweaks over the gold.
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