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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
One of the key pts here is my charting proved to me hitting very near the lines
was way overrated and likely caused way more misses for the hitter,
than pts won due to the proximity to the lines. Basically a sucker bet imo.
there is a big area between your 'smart targets' and 'very near the lines'...

if you get a good player with sound stroke, and just tell him to aim 3 ft inside both lines... (would be perfect to do this on clay).... let him hit for 5min, and look at the landing pattern... you will see it resembles the 'smart target' there...... the short balls are just a by product of contact on the bitter/dead spots.

the center of the landing pattern will not be that spot 3ft inside both lines, it will be well short of that.

it only makes sense, because long/wide balls immediately cost a point... short balls don't (at least not yet)
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