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And what does this academy cost annually, ballpark? Does it include boarding? I suppose it's a "if ya have to ask ya can't afford it" kind of place, but I'm curious.

One problem with the discount system in a small environment is the other kids/parents learn very quickly they are likely funding this other player. It's not that the coach takes less, generally they make up for it from other players. And with such a small bunch with what I assume is a very high price tag, playing favorites with anyone can eat through a program and cause a lot of issues. Different with more kids where you can spread it around and keep it buried easier.

We learned over the years that tennis is a very "deal with it" kind of sport. Whether it is how things are priced, how players are selected for events, to having to get from one continent to another in just a few hours if you want that ITF tourny spot. Just have to deal with it. Tennis ain't for sissies (and tougher for fiscally challenged) that's for sure.

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