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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
mishits, (not shanks), can only fly short... simple physics of how much rebound provided on the sweet spot vs. bitter spot.

they'd never miss long if they were not under the gun, on the run, off balance... a slight deviation of racket face angle can produce a long error.

if you train a student with cones.... player's brain will adjust.... if the eyes see majority balls missing the cones short, he will aim at the cone by NOT aiming at the cone

I bet if you take a good player with sound strokes, but who has never practiced cone hitting, the first 20 min he will miss the cone mostly on the shorter side.
A shank is a form of mis-hit. Look, I know you are a smart guy, but try to be a
little less overbearing about what you think you know. I like addressing your
questions and points and think it leads to good info. Many times you are quite
right, but the way you state it...makes it so hard..... to stay polite.

Really does not matter why they miss long...important aspect is they DO.
That whole mis-hit thing is your deal. I don't care why they spray per this
convo. Maybe on another topic, it might matter.

As to cones... there use is common in tennis at all levels and many are quite
successful with their use. My students do well with the way we use them.
If you need some help with their implementation, I'm sure many on here can
make suggestions. It's not a problem for us, but I do target in many ways
besides cones.
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