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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, you really are the old Dan. Will you ever stop to belittle Rosewall and his opponents? Please stop to rank Rosewall in the top ten! It's just irony to include him who did not have any strong opponent in his career...

You belittle even your two darlings when writing that Hoad and Gonzalez were past peak in that period. Gonzalez was at least a Co.-No. 1 in 1960 and 1961 and Hoad was still very strong in 1960 and even later. All that nonsense in order to belittle Rosewall...

All the players you mentioned were still damned strong in the early 1960s. For instance Segura, who was 41 in 1962, was at the Laver level that year.

Gimeno did reach the heights of greatness as No.3 in several years.

You also are wrong regarding Anderson. He did play much every year in that period. And he did play very well.

I would say it's wasted time to discuss with such an unserious poster. I'm aware that some posters now will again say I'm intolerant but I would say that even my intolerance is reasonable and not as terrible as your non-seriousness!
Bobby, I thought that you respected Peter Rowley's judgment.
It was Rowley who claimed that Hoad was carrying extra poundage and moving slowly in 1960.
Of course, given Hoad's long layoff, propensity for the brew, and lack of serious training, what would you expect?
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