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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
no need to stay polite -

missing the sweet spot and shanks are not the same, 1 is still on the strings, 1 is on the frame... string bed is a plane facing the same direction.. the frame, well, not so much.
Good, I won't worry about it then.

Ok, understand that it may be subtle, but I didn't say they were the same,
I said a shank is a mis-hit, but no, they are not the same, as a mis-hit is
not always a shank. Clearly a shank is poorly struck...thus is MIS-HIt.
If you don't agree, that is fine. This is like Leonard explaining to Sheldon. lol

This target system has been extremely helpful for limiting the depth risk errors,
which was a big part of the WHY for it. Also if you learn to apply this system
correctly, you will learn how the hitting short within this system is not the risk
that many think.
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