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Hmmm, dare I enter the fray?

Like volleygirl, I'm also of the female persuasion. She obviously has both a love and history of the game, as do I. I was a 20-year season ticket holder at a very prominent AAA ballclub, have seen many "stars" both before and "after" their careers...and damn-near followed The Game since Johnny Bench and The Big Red Machine strutted their stuff.

The BBWAA rarely votes anyone in on their first go-round. Less than 50 men....EVER....out of the 1000s of men who've ever played professionally, were tapped in at first chance and they, quite literally, are the Who's Who of Baseball. Anyone who has ever followed The Game knows their names.

This year's crop, with perhaps the exception of Clemens (IMHO) were....ehhh. Bonds was a good but nothing spectacular, almost airhead, outfielder...first with the Pirates then shuffled out to SF. The 'roids clearly made a difference in his at-plate performances. Otherwise, he'd be in the same category as guys like Piazza or Biggio. Solid, even stellar...but not necessarily HOF-worthy.

Don't get me wrong. In my heart, I know there are "cheats" in the HOF. But somehow, I can't quite equate spitballs and sharpened spikes to injecting drugs and betting on any game's outcome.
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