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Originally Posted by Big_Dangerous View Post
To be honest, I usually just wait til the next line comes out and they drop the prices like 25-35% on the previous line. Yeah you run the risk of stuff running out or your size not being available, but it's really the best way to do it. I don't think I've paid full price for any gear save for bandanas and wristbands.

Like that awesome Black and Red V-Neck Fed wore for Dubai and Rotterdam last year, I got that for like 42.50 because it was already marked down and they had a sale to take an additional like 20% or so off.
I pretty much strictly buy my RF stuff on the auction site at 50% or less off the retail price. It's funny how stuff in popular sizes will sell out on the on-line tennis sites but still end up on the auction site 6 months later. I scored that Black/Red V along with the Abyss one for about the same price as you.
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