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Ok, did clinic, then hit with my friend, whos actually the pro, afterwards.

I mostly used the speed 300. I quickly felt the tour was not the right weight for my strokes. It killed on b/h slice, but on 2hbh for my swing, it wasnt right. forehands - the tour was great on a fed ball with plenty of time to prep, the pace was great, nice heavy ball with the extra weight behind it. if i could set up just right, wow. in point play and executing under pressure, it was too heavy for my skill level. I put it aside fairly early, while the action and precision I could get from was great, I could not manage it at my level.
I hit with the head mostly and the weight/balance seemed to gel with my level/style. I did hit long more than I would like on some groundstrokes with it. I actually think this was more footwork and mental related, on slow floaty balls that allowed me time to slow down and think i would error. On running shots, just naturally adapting and swinging free however, the connection was good. My 2hbh as well was spot on under pressure. I did seem to float more on slices with the head though, i think more time could correct that fairly easy.

As far as comfort, i have been playing hybrid (TB/vanquish) in my pb7s. Both demos were full polly. the speed 300 was actually comfortable with the full pol but i would probably not go that route due to my sissy elbow, would hybrid it.

Im worn out and am enjoying a few IPAs now, but am sold on the speed for now. I plan to try the pure storm (non tour) as well. I do think the head was comfortable and could jump into one with a hybrid grow from there though. I will probably drop off the tour tomorrow and keep the speed through the weekend, if anyone has any others in that range to check out, let me know. I like the feel and comfort of the speed.
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