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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
My sister-in-law reports from Japan that the flagship Uniqlo Tokyo store (all 11 floors worth) has no tennis/sportswear offerings whatsoever at the moment.

IMO Uniqlo merely adapted and refined the retail offerings of The GAP - the biggest name in American blandwear. If there is an "American" style that trumps the mainstream clothing that Uniqlo sells, then I can't see it for all the button-downs and chinos, and sweaters and hoodies that are the mainstays of the Middle American wardrobe.
There is only one store in Tokyo that carries Nishikori clothes. However, it is possible to order Nishikori stuff on-line in Japan. There is no store in Asia that carries Djokovic stuff. 5th Ave NYC used to carry Novak's stuff, but apparently not any more...
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