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Tell me something. I have one issue with this mini Nadal (though much older than him) and it was amplified today in the cold of the night. This guy has a unique vertical scoop top spin with open face which he has grooved over the years and hits it from anywhere. The ball spin axis is very horizontal, unlike the axes of other players whose spin axis is roughly parallel to their racket in the usual forehand swing, and your racket is also parallel to how theirs was when you swing (if at all I am able to explain this). Those axes are angled to the ground while this guy's is horizontal. So what I find is if my racket is in its usual arc at contact, which means the racket is not entirely horizontal, the spin is climbing up the string plane, making it difficult to control. Should the axis of the racket be horizontal at contact (NOT asking about string plane orientation)? That is not even always possible depending on the height of the ball.

Need some quick solutions.
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