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I have played ZYEX strings since TOA released their first green string that had problems with bonding agents and a several reels of the original Ashway braided string.
The first generation, similar to the 16G that is out now was the favorite of several Senior players I strung for in the 1990s as their back up racket for wet weather, and one switched to using it as a lower cost option once he retired.These men were flat hitters who did not break string using mid size frames. The 10% tension drop was what I used on the braided version.
The mono version is working fine for me crossed with a poly, the set up remains playable for far longer than any other string I have used. I drop the tension 20% the same as I do for polys.
The mono in a full bed isn't my cup of tea, as I feel that the Tough is better for my style,
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