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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
I watched the sampras stich wimbledon 1992 QF match again :

I had earlier done the stats for it , but those seem to be off a tiny bit ..

sampras won 84 points , stich 61

sampras had 2 FH UEs, 3 BH UEs and 2 DFs - 7 UEs overall
stich had 2 FH UEs, 0 BH UEs and 3 DFs - 5 UEs overall

so a total of 12 UEs in the match ..

sampras' AM = (84-12)/(84+61) = 49.66%
stich's AM = (61-12)/(84+61) = 33.8%

again, these are my own stats and not official ones ...
Great, thanks for these! I need to see this match sometime, too.

Stich did not play that badly (he actually had fewer UE's than Sampras); but he got straight-setted because Sampras played so well.

Yet it's still surprising, because Sampras said that Stich was one of his most difficult opponents.

I think when you give your UE count, your terms "FH" and "BH" include both ground strokes and net strokes?

I presume that both players came in behind all of their serves, so there cannot have been many opportunities for either player to make unforced errors with groundstrokes.
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