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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
While I agree with you about Laver being a little better than Rosewall, Muscles had a number of advantages over Laver.

First of all Rosewall was the more consistent player for level of play, had the slightly superior backhand, perhaps a slightly (debatable here) better volley and a little better touch. Rosewall did win more overall majors than Laver also.

To me it's close enough that it is reason for debate.
I'd say rosewall had the better BH, better return and better touch , but that's it .... better volley, nah ....rosewall's level was more consistent , but that was probably significant the most on clay ...... on other surfaces, I'd take laver's brilliance and higher level of play ...

regarding majors won... with all respect , the pro tour in 61-63 @ rosewall's peak was considerably weaker than it was in the 50s and later half of 60s ... here a single player can make more of a difference as the fields were limited ...

gonzales retiring, hoad's injuries and laver not yet in the pros ( till 62 and still getting adjusted in 63 )

again, I'm not just going to add up the amateur, pro and open majors ...
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