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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
you did say that ... which makes your opinion regarding modern day tennis totally worthless ; even if you've changed it now just because few others have said so to you ... it just shows you just haven't watched modern day tennis ....
We've both been debating BobbyOne about Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, so I'm just going to give my own two cents here and say that I do not consider his opinions on modern tennis to be worthless. If I had thought the view to be worthless, I would not have engaged it as far as I did.

Thinking an opinion is wrong is not the same thing as thinking it worthless.

Of course there's a LOT of distance between my views on Fed/Nad/Djok and BobbyOne's view. But I'm happy to say now that he's admitted some error (which takes some character), there is LESS distance between our views. That's enough for me.

Just my two cents.
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