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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Great, thanks for these! I need to see this match sometime, too.

Stich did not play that badly (he actually had fewer UE's than Sampras); but he got straight-setted because Sampras played so well.

Yet it's still surprising, because Sampras said that Stich was one of his most difficult opponents.

I think when you give your UE count, your terms "FH" and "BH" include both ground strokes and net strokes?

I presume that both players came in behind all of their serves, so there cannot have been many opportunities for either player to make unforced errors with groundstrokes.
yes, basically FH and BH UE's for any kind of unforced errors of those wings ..yep, not that many chances to make errors with groundstrokes ...

the match is available on youtube

sampras stich wimbledon 1992 QF

stich did play some good tennis, but wasn't at his sharpest and sampras' playing his finest tennis pounced on it ....
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