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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I have been taking lessons at $75/hour, but I can only afford so many of those per month. The hour goes by so fast and the Pro's usually want to take things very sloooooow, so they can drag something out into multiple lessons.
Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Zappy has no idea anyway. The fact is that most pros will just teach you the rec level stuff so you can go out there and play matches. If you want to learn optimal technique you need to befriend a pro who gets it and that you can talk to now and then about what you are really trying to do. You can then set up lessons and work on specific issues.

they also need to see that you are a player who can execute the technique you want to learn, so there is nothing wrong with learning on your own as long as you are improving your technique.

For that reason I really like that whole feel tennis series a lot. The link posted is fantastic and this guy has a real unique way of showing things that are really only learned over years of play normally. It is almost like a cheat code if you can implement what he is saying.
jack= you are on the right track. the key is to find a good pro for you. if you are not happy tell them. you are paying the money. get your moneys worth.

power player-hows that serve coming?
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