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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
Your posts are more concerned about sounding smart...
Of course, just like about 50% of people posting in online forums. Other 50% are too busy being jerks, to even sound smart...

than conveying useful information or answering the question.
Really? I gave you a very practical answer - listed what it takes to make any sort of scientific conclusion. And that's actually not even enough - it would be just the data concerning your 2 particular racquets. Much larger sample would actually be required and testing in controlled environment, like building a machine that would load the racquets over and over, 1000s of times, measurning the flex index at the start and end, or recording the number of cycles that would cause the frame failure. Pretty sure that manufacturers do this, but that data wouldn't be available for your or my use, for sure.

But no matter, we already know about the differences between traditional and modern graphites.
Do we? All you have are assumptions and your personal observations, from few frames you've got. No scientific data...

On the other hand, what useful information have you given us? Your frame A is better then frame B... Wilson is better then Babolat (your sig)... Poster V can not hit hard, as he uses POG... All opinions - and that's all we've got, unfortunately.
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