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try this:

do some shadow swings. take the racquet back like we discussed.
make your arm loose.
then make your arm looser.
then as your about to push off and swing forward make your arm looser.
even looser.
make your arm so loose that you can't even feel it. it should feel like it's not even there. like a piece of rope is connected to your shoulder. absolutely zero tension anywhere in your entire arm.
don't take the racquet back too far. do a more compact swing than what you are doing now. like 6 inches less takeback.
then while keeping your arm loose push off right leg and rotate.
don't use your arm at all. absolutely no arm.
just rotate and watch how fast the arm whips around.
it will be faster than your normal swing. even though it may feel weird because you are using NO ARM AT ALL the swing will still look pretty good if you filmed it. and it will be fast even with a regular speed rotation of the body.
do that a few times using no arm.
if you work on getting the racquet at the right angles at the end of the takeback you will find that it will move how you want it to during the forward swing.
Then try to feel the weight of the racquet head. not the racquet. just the weight of the head as you rotate forward. if you are loose and are rotating around the arm will lag and if you didn't take your racquet back too far (disconnected) then you will feel the racquet head tug on your shoulder and chest.

once you feel this pulling then you can use the arm for control. if you don't have this feeling and it feels like you are jerking the racquet or there's an abrupt jolt then your are doing it wrong and maybe takeback is too far.
at this point your chest should be just about facing the net but not quite. you'll be able to use the arm to do isr or pronation or radial dev etc if you want.

just try that. no arm. super loose. just rotate. get used to that feel. if you work on that you'll see your rhs will increase and you'll get ssc w/o thinking about it and your swing will look nice and smooth and whippy.

to do this you need to change your mindset from 'hitting w/ the arm' to 'hitting w/ the body'.
not easy but that's how it's done. you have to be relaxed.
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